Process servers are critical in completing legal procedures without courting trouble and stress. Our agency provides you with process servers that will give you tailor-made services to meet your needs. Here’s a list of FAQs about process serving with their answers.


1. What is process serving


Process serving is carrying out personal service on respondents who are involved in a court case. It is simply a means of informing the respondent that a legal action has brought against them.

Process serving is simply a legal procedure that involves notifying a person of his or her involvement in a lawsuit. The person called the defendant gets served legal papers informing them of a legal case they’re about to get involved in.


2. Who is a process server?


A process server is a person trained to serve legal papers to a respondent. He typically performs the jobs of locating and informing people of their involvement.


3. Who can serve legal documents?


In Ontario anyone above the age of 18 that is healthy mentally and physically can serve legal documents. However, it is recommended to hire the service of a professional process server when serving legal documents.


4. Where to hire process servers?


There are process servers across Greater Toronto Area (GTA). You can simply look up the term “Process Servers” on Google or any search engine platform and you will find process serving agencies around you. That being said, you can hire us for your process serving need if you reside in Hamilton.

It’s not difficult to find professional process servers that’ll do an excellent job for you. Hamilton Process Servers is an agency that can handle all of your needs in that area. Many others are available in Hamilton and can be located easily through Google.


5. How much does process serving cost in Hamilton?


Process Serving cost anywhere between $70 to $200 depending on the firm, case, and the number of attempts to serve the documents. We at Hamilton Process Servers charge $80 for first attempt to serve and up to to $200 for three attempts.

Process serving in Hamilton costs between $70 and $200. It largely depends on the firm that you choose. At our agency here, we typically charge $80 for serving once. If we have to make up to three attempts, the price is about $200.


6. What if i can’t locate the respondent?


If you can’t locate the respondent, you may hire a professional skip tracer to perform a basic or comprehensive skip trace search in other to locate the respondent.

Sometimes, it’s challenging to locate the respondent who may be actively trying to avoid being served. In that case, we recommend hiring a professional skip tracer who can help you locate them.


7. How many attempts do you offer?


We offer not more than three attempts. If all attempt to serve the respondent fails,  we highly recommend to go back to the court and ask for a substitute service.

We offer three attempts only. If, by the third attempt, we still cannot locate the respondent, it’s time that you go back to the court and see what can be done in the situation.


8. What is a special process server?


A special process server is one who does not perform general process serving services; they are rather involved in special cases. They are private servers hired to carry out special court assignments. You’d need one if you want a process server that’s skilled in court procedures.


9. Can process serving be avoided?


Some individuals try to avoid being served. It is natural not to want to be involved in a lawsuit, but when the papers are brought, it is better to accept them and move forward to the next best thing. Even if you successfully avoid being served, the court can still proceed with the lawsuit.


10. Do process servers charge for urgent or rush service?

Typically, yes. There’s always an additional fee of $30 to $50 for situations where the documents have to be served quicker than usual. It’s also the same if you have to serve the papers on a holiday.


Last words


Process serving continues to be an essential part of completing a lawsuit. We’re at your service to help you make sure things are in order. For more questions relating to process serving visit this page.

Alternatively, If you have any other questions regarding process serving, please send us an email or contact us here