Process Serving

Service of Process

Our process service involves the serving of legal papers for the initiation of a lawsuit. Furthermore, Hamilton serves other legal documents such as the notice of motion after the commencement of an action.

We also provide perfectly notarized and signed a proof of service in the law court. A party to a particular action is not allowed to serve his or her legal papers. Hence, you need the help of process servers. We will ensure that your documents are handled reliably, professionally and efficiently.

Court Filing


File any documents anywhere in Canada

Hamilton Process Service has been in operation for years, we have serviced various civil, state, federal and even lower courts.

Our court service ranges from document retrieval to the submission order to show cause, filings, and in-person calendar calls. Regardless of your firm’s size and location, you can call us now to discuss your requirements.


Skip Tracing


Locate even the most elusive “Skip” Order here

Skip Tracing is the tool used to locate individuals that omit an address and only provides little information about their whereabouts.

Not all investigative services are the same. However, Hamilton process servers demonstrate a distinct record of accomplishment to support your case.  We aim to service clients and enhance their skip tracing and investigative services with the aid of a phone call.  In the long run, we will save your staff the hassles involved.